Max was a little tired today although he was very attentive and even a bit
more social than he has been of late.

This afternoon he ate his biscuit with a bit of difficulty
but sought out every crumb leaving not a trace. As soon as he was finished
he laid his once powerful head between his front paws and dropped off to
a dream of endless fields of green summer grass where bunnies bound and all
other friendly creatures await in playful expectancy. In a blink, he was
running and leaping over the hills spinning and singing in his high
baritone falsetto. He looked back one last time as if expecting us to
throw the greatest most fantastical stick of all, then ran like lightning
over the summer hill and disappeared into his forever.

Max died today peacefully. He may have been as much as 17 years old.

The story may not have been exactly this way, but it's how I wish to remember it.

We'll miss him.



Maximus - April 2000 - February 16th, 2017